This is SVERI


SVERI – The Swedish Committee of Rehabilitation International is an affiliated member of RI – Rehabilitation International that is a global network of people with disabilities, service providers and government agencies.

SVERI is promoting rehabilitation and research in the area of disability. SVERI is also promoting and implementing the rights and inclusion of people with disabilities.

SVERI is constituted of member organizations belonging to different parts of the society:

  • Disability organizations
  • Service providers
  • Public agencies
  • Research institutes

Sweden's model

The member organizations of SVERI have different points of view on rehabilitation. Employees at a governmental agency have, due to their work, certain views while service providers have a different perspective. Persons with own experience of rehabilitation have a certain knowledge, which may differ from the one of researchers. Within SVERI all these different points of view get the opportunity to meet and inspire each other.

SVERI provides a space for dialogue on rehabilitation and disability, across the sectors of society. This enables organizations to view their performance from new perspectives.


  • SVERI organizes cross-sector seminars on rehabilitation and disability.
  • SVERI handles a network of organizations working with rehabilitation.
  • SVERI participates in RI activities e.g. congresses and meetings for commissions.
  • SVERI participates in the activities of RI Europe.
  • SVERI disseminates information on RI Global and regional activities.